Monday, September 13, 2010

Perfect dress

Finding the perfect dress can be quite a challenge to the average shopper. For one, if you're casual shopping, you probably don't want anything at all, maybe that 'perfect fit'. But how exactly do you determine a perfect fit, better yet, once you've found it, is it in your color, price range? These are things to take into consideration when choosing an outfit. Don't be afraid to try clothes on, the girls working in the store are being paid to not only help you find and buy an outfit, but to assist in anything you may need. Asking them for opinions can go either way depending on their experience and style, possibly take a look around, find a girl (or guy) who gives off that sense of style and appearance you'd also like to convey.

Some quick tips to keep in mind when shopping are:
  1. Always be aware of how much you're willing to spend vs average price of the dress you're looking to buy
  2. Think of colors, prints and designs ahead of time (solid black, white and florals, mesh and satin)
  3. What size are you, and what store will carry your size (age appropriate vs size and style)
Those are just the key points. Looking online ahead of time will almost always save you hours of wondering at the mall. If you need a cocktail dress, it's best to know which mall you're going to, and browse those stores online websites.

Shopping can be fun and easy, especially once you've given thought to actually finding that perfect dress


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